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Signal Converters

Signal Converters Overview

Signal Converters convert signals from sensors into signals for industrial use and convert input analog signals into output analog signals, or unify and insulate those signals.

Application of Signal Converters

Signal Converters are used in Industrial Automation, Isolation between Sensors, Precision Signal Conversion, PLC's, Test Equipment, Machine Automation, they are used in TV tuner card, Microcontroller, Software defined Radio, CD & MP3 recordings.

Manufacturing Countries

Signal Converters are made and used all over the world India (Recorders and Medicare System), China (USB Online Electronics Ltd.), United Kingdom (Woodland Art Gallery).

Export Market

There is big market of Signal Conductor in International Market U.S., Europe, Asia, Mid East, Africa are the examples.

Selling Proposition

Measurement of resolution, phase distortion, sampling period instability should be accurate, Consistency in signal increasing capacity is important, non-linearity in terms of Quantization.
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