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Thyristors Overview

Thyristor is a semiconductor device. It has four layer of alternating N and P-type material. It functions with four alternate gate terminals.

Types of Thyristors

Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Asymmetrical SCR, Reverse Conducting Thyristor, Light Activated SCR or LTT- Light Trigger Thyristor, DIAC & SIDAC- both forms of trigger devices, Breakover DIAC & SIDAC, Modified anode gate Turn-Off Thyristor etc.

Application of Thyristors

Thyristors are mainly used where high current and voltage are involved, especially with alternate current, it is used in light dimmer in television, motion picture, theater and door bell.

Manufacturing Countries

There is large scale manufacturing in the world China, India, United Kingdom, Malaysia and many other countries.

Export Market

Thyristors are universally used so export market is very big, Argentina, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates are very big player of export market.

Selling Proposition

Thyristor should be sustainable in reactive loads, Silicon used semiconductor material is more high temperature friendly than other than semiconductors.
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