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Vacuum Tubes Overview

In electronics 'vacuum tube' is a tubular device used to amplify, switch, modify, or create and electrical signal by controlling electrons in a low-pressure space. Almost depend on the thermal emission of electrons hence 'thermionic'.


The application is mainly found in Radio, televisions, computers, microwave-ovens, radars, in several audio-based work.

Types of Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tube is divided according to its application like Electron microscope, Ion sources, Light amplifier, Mass spectroscope, Particle accelerator, Photomultiplier, Phototubes, Surface, physics, Welding and cutting of materials, and X-ray tube.

Manufacturing Countries

The concentration of manufacturers is in maximum in the regions of North America, China, U.K, Germany, etc.

Export Market

The low cost and universal availability of products have reduced the scope of export of vacuum tubes. Still export market exists in the regions of Mid East, Africa, and Oceania.

Selling Proposition

Vacuum tube must be as hard as possible to reduce the disintegration, leakage, and must be long performer without being dull especially in audio input devices.

Vacuum Tubes were very common in the earlier phase of electronics such as radio, televisions, and early computers, now in microwave-ovens, industrial radio frequency heating (for acceleration of RF particles),in radars, and in several audio-based work.

Global Trend

Manufacturing of Vacuum tube was stopped due to LCD technique in visual technology but reproduction is started now because they are used in audio-input technique and radar science all over the world.
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