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The Importance of Remapping Your Keyboard
        Submitted by Digitivity on September 29, 2008 1:12 PM

Though it makes one of the most useful hardware, a keyboard can create problems at many occasions if not paid enough attention while being used, especially while typing. Many times it happens that you you keep typing your contents in a flow, then suddenly you realize that you have ended up typing everything in CAPS. This is the time you start feeling a tinge of frustration as now you need to retype all the things again. This frustration ignites you to hate your keyboard, or its CAPS LOCK, if we say in particular.

Probably, you may start thinking to buy a keyboard of some different layouts. But, be sure enough, whatever layout you prefer, the problem will remain same.

Actually, the problem doesn't belong to the layouts, whether it is Dvorak, Azerty or the most popular Qwerty, but it relates to the CAPS KEY. So what if you come to know that there is a way to get rid of this problem. Yes, there is a solution. The solution remains in getting your keyboard remapped.

Naturally, the remapping of your keyboard will ensure a sort of minimized error regarding CAPS and many other functions. The remapping gets the CAPS LOCKS and many other unwanted keys disabled. Hence, you will be able to work free with no fear of pressing them by mistake.

Interestingly, this remapping is not only capable of disabling certain keys, but it can give you certain new keys, which you think may help you in the better accomplishment of your works.

So how easy or tough it is to get your keyboard remapped as you think? Very simple, this could be the answer. You need to follow certain steps to complete this job. The only thing you have to do is to use the right and the proper software.

The software like Microsoft Keyboard Creator and Sharpkeys are most proper ones in this sense.

First of all you need to retrieve the layout information of your keyboard. This information is found in the register key. Once retrieved, the information can be altered or edited according to your needs. More technically, in order to get the desired changing in your keyboard functions, you need to explore the scan code by using the destination HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet.

As told earlier, the remapping of keyboards is not a work of demon as it can be done easily without using any software. But what the experts believe that despite doing it manually, it should be done with the help of some software. Unlike manual editing of layout, the editing by a software is error free. That is why, for this purpose, software like Microsoft Keyboard Creator and Sharpkeys are highly recommended remapping tools.

If you use a Qwerty layout then using Sharpkeys will prove more feasible. Because it helps you change the functions of all the keys on a keyboard. Moreover, it helps you to disable any keyboard you feel unwanted and problematic.

The editing of keyboard functions using software needs simple efforts. When you end up performing the desired editing on those selected keys, you need to save it. Thus your editing is complete. Also you can add some other keys suitable for your specific operations.

However, the Microsoft Keyboard Creator too is no less useful. To install this software, the use of .NET 2.0 is sufficient. As the name implies, being a product of Microsoft it is highly useful and well equipped. Microsoft Keyboard Creator is highly helpful. Not only that it can help you to improve your keyboard layout or allow you to disable certain keys, it may also help you to make completely new keyboard layouts.

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That was just a huge wall of unnecessary words. You had maybe a paragraph of ideas. An easier way to disable capslock is to pry the physical key off with a knife. See how succinct that was?

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