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Basic Tips To Choose Advanced Office Automation Products
        Submitted by Digitivity on January 19, 2009 4:35 AM

So you believe that a good start is half job done! And you know that when you think about a half job or a full job, setting up an office of your own comes first into your mind. Then the moment you think about your newly established office, you feel the tireless whining and beeps of all the office automation products such as the printers, copiers, fax machines start echoing inside your ears. This further fires you up.

Wake up! It is enough of dreaming and thinking. It is better to get out of your bed right now and do something concrete. Get done that “half job” by ensuring a toned-up beginning. Thus buy some good office automation products which could make your office well equipped and efficient to handle all sorts of works with a great ease. Lets Go!

Laser Color Printers : If you have a small office right now, then you might be well contented with an ink-jet printer. But what if the company or workload grows? So choose a laser based color printer. No, they are not at all expensive. Don't you see the falling market prices? You can easily get all types of documents printed right from simple documents to high quality graphics. However, your laser color printer must print more than 45-50 sheets per minute.

Catch a Copier : There are many types of copiers and it all depends on why you choose one of them. They have their own features and their own efficiency quotients. More or less they are of three types. Let's see which one is most suitable for you.

Laser Digital Copiers : These are the best copiers available in the market. The reason is simple! This period of civilization belongs to laser digital technology. They can copy papers of all sizes, either it is A3 or A4. One of the fastest copiers this one is with an ability of copying about 100 sheets per minute! The main thing is that they are multi-functional.

So most of the time you will not be required to buy a fax machine or a printer or a scanner any more. However, you might be required to buy these things if your office has unbearable workload. Their networking is easier.

Digital Color Copiers : The users always crave for it for a certain feature which is not related to its workability at all. Clearly, they hail its low maintenance expenses. So if something which produces color documents for you on both types of sheets, won't you have a grab of it? If there are multiple users, it ensures the security of personal data. Look out for features such as Scan to Email, Post-script etc. Their CPM ( Copy Per Minute) is as fast as that of a laser digital copiers.

Traditional Analogue Copiers : Do you still find yourself in love with traditional things then this stand-alone copier is for you. If you have immensely small office or love to install an inexpensive copier at the home based office, then don't wait to buy such one. Though you will love its low maintenance feature, you might feel irritated with its slow rate of producing copies. Don't expect to get more than 30-35 copies per minute. Choose a product with more than one paper holding trays.

High Speed Digital Scanners : These are the days of high end and ultra versatile digital scanners. A technologically advanced digital scanner can perform all types of scanning ranging from the very basic gray scale scanning to color and duplex scanning. For a small office a scanner with 24-30 bits will do sufficient job.

Multifunction Fax Machines : This is the most viable option for you if you want something like all-in-one. If a machine, apart from faxing documents only , scans, prints and copies your documents too, I don't see any reason why you will not opt for it. The best buy can be one which enables you to fax on plain paper and the thermal papers as well. Many high quality fax machines are available which produce high quality laser prints and are equipped with computers for better functions.

Compact Paper Shredders : In office you will be required to use paper strips and paper chips. So it would not be a bad idea to install a paper shredder in the office. However, the basic service for which it is meant is to help destroy all the important documents which are not required anymore. Choose nothing but a mini and compact shredder which are most efficient and don't acquire much place. Look out for something which crushes papers at a great speed.

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