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Bluetooth Wireless Technology : Weird Usage Ideas
        Submitted by Digitivity on March 19, 2009 12:41 PM

Forget about the traditional use of bluetooth wireless technology such as listening to music or sending and receiving videos and music clips for the sake of getting entertained only. You can have some most weird usage ideas of this technology now.

Though still not at the peak of its usage, bluetooth wireless technology has allowed us to see its usage in the fields even its innovators wouldn't have imagined ever. Have a look on some of its unconventional, amazing and unheard usage ideas of this wireless technology.

bluetooth enabled hug shirt.jpg

You Can Hug Your Hubby : Heard of sending messages using bluetooth wireless technology? Thousands of times, isn't it? Heard of sending hugs to your hubby using the same? Going Crazy? Who? Me? Not at all! You are wrong if you can't believe it.

Believe me! The bluetooth wireless technology experts have created certain bluetooth enabled hug shirts which forward the sensations of your beating heart pulses, the feelings of your cozy and passionate touch and the warmth of your body to your hubby. Amazingly, he/she feels these sensations with their natural undertones if he/she is wearing the same kind of hug shirt too.

This mechanism works through the help of those mobile phones which are Java enabled. Your hug shirt using its innovative sensors sends all the data denoting your hug type to your mobile phone. Then your mobile phone forwards the the same data to your hubby's mobile phone only to transmit your hug-feelings to your hubby's hug shirt.

You Can Live Terror Free : From its applications ensuring safe riding and noiseless entertainment, the use of bluetooth wireless technology to develop a strain and stain free society is the most human friendly but bizarre thing ever heard.

Go to some places in Europe, especially in England only to see this amazing application of bluetooth wireless technology. You may see government security and crime control personals roaming on the roads with backpacks with a transmitter equipped with bluetooth wireless technology.

This transmitter has nothing but a series of short-length videos which are full of governmental sermons on social evils like drug addiction and alcoholism or what to do in moment of inevitable such as terror attacks and cyclonic floods. Moreover, the videos have tips and tricks telling you how to stop the carjackers and burglars from meeting their goals.

You only have to move, with your mobile phone with bluetooth wireless technology, into the active range of their bluetooth transmitter and download those helpful video. So when are you planning to visit those countries?

You Will Never Lose : There are certain video games which often bring a string of controversies because of their faulty scoring system. The result! The winner has to get ranked the second best sometimes. Take for example the game of Taekwondo.

The electric speed it is played at, it becomes sometimes impossible for the scorer to count the kicks and hits by the players. But the issue seems to disappear as soon as possible. A famous sports equipment company, ATM Sport, based in Germany has made, assisted by Adidas, a bluetooth enabled vest to be worn by Taekwondo players.

This vest will not only work as a shield for the players but can count the kicks too you have managed to direct on the opponents. The rest of the job is done by the referee using his scoring equipment. Definitely, the winners don't do different things, they do it differently. Or technologically? What do you say?

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Awesome article! Especially, the hug part... U can imagine about, wireless technology, where it can fly in coming age! I just love wireless technology articles published on this site!

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