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7 Best Reasons For You To Buy An LCD Television
        Submitted by Digitivity on April 27, 2009 2:00 PM

Out of all highly-efficient and advanced televisions, LCD televisions have occupied a very, very special place. They have brought the experience of watching TV to a completely different era. The pictures on an LCD are more vivid, crisp, colorful and detailed than ever and any other television.

Not only this, there are many more personal attributes to these LCD TVs. So, if you are planning to replace your existing TV with a new model, then wait not to make up your mind to grab the most vibrating consumer appliances ever built, most probably. See why it could be an asset to your bedroom. Follow the following tips to buy your best LCD television.

No Premature Burn-in : Though burn-in is a common problem found even in the most advanced type of TV, an LCD TV is often seen not being prone to this problem. Thanks to the use of the exceptionally innovative crystals called as twisted crystals while its making. Such crystals have been found to be burn-in proof, mostly.

Normal Response Time : Unlike the primitive versions of LCD TVs which had a very poor response time as far as the picture-viewing was concerned, the modern LCD TVs have improved a lot. Nowadays, almost all the LCD TVs have equal response time and no picture remains visible for more than a normal period.

Perfect Co-traveler : Almost all the travel services, be it roadways, rail or planes install LCD TVs for the travelers. Researches have found such TVs are one of the best TV technology to embrace while traveling. The fast running trains, cars or planes fail to cause any degradation in its picture or sound quality.

Very Efficient : The high rate of its energy efficiency can be the most inviting factor for you to buy an LCD TV. An LCD, thanks to the use of an efficient and innovative fluorescent back-lighting, never allows some extra holes to burn in your pocket. A perfect energy-saving package.

Because They Are Bony : An LCD television is a lightweight electronics consumer appliance, thanks to their screens as extremely thin as less than 2 inches, which makes its installation a baby's play. Thus they occupy very little place and can be placed at the most congested place in your home. Best for bachelors who stay away from home.

Elongated Lifespan : A highly improved lifespan can be a cool factor to have a pick of LCD TV. An advanced LCD TV can run for more than 60-65,000 hours. It means that once you buy such one, you are not supposed to bother about its replacement or picture quality for over a dozen of years, even if you watch the TV too rigorously. The use of replaceable back-lights is expected to elongate its lifespan for almost two decades.

Cool Contrast : Also, the firsts of the LCD TVs were never welcomed heartily all because of their poor contrast ratio. However, the latest things are coming with cool contrast ratio of 1000:1. Nowadays, almost all the LCD TVs, especially the advanced ones, come with this effective contrast ratio. The ratio is expected to become better in the recent future.

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