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Jump Into The Bath Tub With These Water Resistant Shower Radios
        Submitted by Digitivity on April 6, 2009 11:25 AM

Your bathtub is OK! You have got the most amazing soaps, shampoos, towel warmers too! Then why do you complain that having a shower in your bathroom has ceased to be exciting and refreshing as earlier. So much before you become apprehensive of entering your bathroom, do something which can bring back your glorious 'bathing days.'

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And if you ask me how to add some zing to your bathroom then I have got a very simple but 'musical' answer. Start dancing and shouting up to your fullest the moment water bursts out of your shower system. Found it weird? Of course, such crazy things add fun to bathing in summers.

So what next? Go to your nearest entertainment appliances store and choose the panacea for whole of your 'bathing problems', radio systems. That too very, very special water resistant radios. Shower radios will give you a relaxing and fun bathing experience. Here are some options;

Henry Kloss Tivoli Audio PAL : It is one of the most wonderful water-resistant shower radios ever produced. Not only that it can give you a 'musical' bating experience but the designs, colors and varieties it come in will serve you a treat to watch.

Being equipped with some best receptors, it can catch even the weakest of the radio frequencies to supply you uninterrupted music while you relax in the bathtub. The voice quality, produced by a single speaker, is great and louder enough to give you a feeling of a qualitative music player. It comes with AM/FM digital tuner with presets.

This water-resistant shower radio is most suitable for those bathroom which are unable to be powered by electricity. Their long lasting powerful and replaceable NiMH battery is enough to give you many uninterrupted sessions in the bathroom. Moreover, you get an Mp3 attachment which can store as many as half dozen songs.

Pure Digital Oasis : If bathing at other places other than merely in your locked bathrooms seems to be more fanciful and relaxing to you, then this Pure Digital Oasis DAB Digital Water-resistant Shower Radio comes to your relief.

You can use this water-resistant shower radio while rain bathing in the garden or having backstrokes in the swimming pool or gliding deep into the river nearby. Its water-hostility is credited to its sealed case made of rubber and aluminum.

The water tight rubber cover not only saves the interior from getting the mechanism dysfunctional , it also ensures that there is no unwanted scratch on the exteriors of the water-resistant shower radio too, in cases of bumps and crashes towards the floor.

Also you can join an Mp3 player or other entertainment devices in its given 3.5mm stereo input too to listen to your favorite songs. The best feature of this water-resistant shower radio is that it is powered both way; either by the ChargePAK, its built-in rechargeable battery or power supply. So if the battery goes out, you can switch to main power supply instantly.

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