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Communication Equipment are those products that are used to disseminate information from one place to the other. These equipment help in transmission of voice, video and data application signals from one place to the other. Communication equipment include antenna, communication devices, networking products, signal conditioners, transceivers, signal receivers, signal transmitters and signal transmission mediums.

Communication services firms, such as telephone companies and cable operators, use communication equipment to provide telecommunication and data communication services to individuals and businesses.

The worldwide Communication Equipment Industry is growing rapidly. It comprises of communication equipment manufacturers & communication devices suppliers engaged in providing communication devices, networking products, antenna, signal receivers etc. In the year 2006, the revenue of the communication industry was US $ 1.79 trillion, which is 6.6 % more than 2005. According to a report by 'Datamonitor' USA is the largest manufacturer in the world for communication devices and the figures indicate this trend perfectly. Among other communication equipment manufacturers, Taiwan has a booming market and has become one of the important suppliers for communication devices. In 2006, the communication equipment market grew at the rate of 7% in US generating total revenues of around US$ 95 billion. Some leading manufacturers & suppliers in this business include Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Qualcomm, Corning and Nokia.

The different types of communication equipment are explained below along with comprehensive listing of manufacturers & suppliers who offer the devices at wholesale prices.


Antenna Antenna is basically a combination of conductors, which transmits or receives radio waves (type of electromagnetic waves). The signals received or transmitted travel at the speed of light and can cover large distances. Antennas convert electromagnetic waves into radio frequency electrical current. The size and shape of antennas depend upon the frequency of signals they receive. They are used in radio, television, broadcasting, wireless networks, radar etc. There are many different kinds of antenna based on the product application and type. Antenna by product application includes broadcast, satellite, FM, marine, TV and telecom. Antennas by type are directional, dish, panel, patch and reflector. Many types of accessories are used with an antenna, which include adapters, boosters, splitters and towers.

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Communication Devices

A communication device can be defined as a machine that helps in transmission of data from one place to the other. These devices also facilitate in enhancing the quality of communication by providing speech amplification and clear signal reception. The most commonly used communication devices are:

» Mobile Phones | » Pagers | » Radio Systems | » Telephones 

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Networking Products

Networking Products Networking products can be defined as products, which help in making a connection between two endpoints in a network. The main purpose of connecting these devices is to provide error-free data sent through virtual circuits. Networking is a very essential part of communication. The different types of networking products are Ethernet, modems, network routers, network gateways, network switches, and network system boards.

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Signal Conditioners

Signal Conditioners Signal conditioner is a device that is used to change a signal by placing it between a signal source and a readout instrument. They are used to improve high-speed signal quality of voice, data, and video signals. A signal conditioner usually consists of a strain gauge, wheatstone bridge, amplifier, isolator and a filter. The different types of signal conditioners are:

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Signal Receiver

Signal Receiver Signal Receivers are electronic devices that separate satellite signals from other signals being received by an earth station. The receiver then converts that signal into video, voice or data format. On the basis of technology used, the different types of signal receivers are GPS receiver, mobile receiver, television receiver, satellite receiver, bluetooth receiver, optical receiver and digital receiver.

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Signal Transmission Medium

Signal Transmission Medium These are the mediums through which signals are transmitted to the end user through a lot of devices and technologies like telephones, mobile phones, pagers, Internet etc. There are two types of signal transmission mediums wired transmission mediums, wireless transmission mediums. In the wired transmission systems the signal is transmitted through wires. The wireless transmission mediums operate by transmitting signals through electromagnetic spectrum. The wireless transmission system comprises of radio system, microwave system and satellite system.

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Signal Transmitter

Signal Transmitter Signal Transmitter is an electronic device that aids in generating and amplifying an electromagnetic wave and modulating it with a meaningful signal derived from other sources, and propagates the resulting signal from an antenna. A transmitter generally consists of a power supply, an oscillator, a modulator and an amplifier. The different types of transmitters are FM transmitters, mobile transmitters, radio transmitter, bluetooth transmitter, magnetic transmitter etc.

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Transceivers A transceiver is an electronic communication device consisting of a transmitter as well as a receiver, which have common circuits. They provide a path to the network for transmitting the signal without any collision with other data packets. The transceivers should have a combination of a large amount of transmitting and receiving circuits. There are many types of transceivers depending upon the technology used like FM transceivers, GPS transceivers, mobile transceivers, radio transceivers, satellite transceivers, television transceivers etc.

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