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Networking Products

Networking Products Overview

Networking Products Networking products help in connecting two endpoints in a network. The main purpose of connecting these devices is to provide error-free data sent through virtual circuits. Networking is a very essential part of communication.

Major Networking Products

Major products of networking equipment manufacturers are switches, routers, and network control equipment interconnected using fiber optic and high-speed wiring. Major services of equipment suppliers include system and network design, software development, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Other hardware and software products include intrusion prevention devices, remote termination equipment, firewalls, and network.

Manufacturing Countries

Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and India are the major manufacturing countries. While main export markets are concentrated in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and South East Asia

Global Market Trend

A worldwide sale of networking products is pegged to rise by 10% in 2008, according to Quarterly Market Tracker published by Heavy Reading (http://www.heavyreading.com/). The ongoing global shift from circuit-based TDM networks to packet-based Ethernet/MPLS promises to drive the networking products market forward at a CAGR of 20% through 2012.

Some Important Products

Some of the important networking products are Ethernet, Modems, Network Routers, Network Gateways, Network Switches and Network System Boards
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