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Computer parts and accessories are physical components, which can be mechanical, magnetic, electronic or electrical. These components can generally accept and store computer data, execute the operations on a computer in a proper sequence and produce control outputs. The computer parts and accessories are capable of performing many logical functions like interpretation of data, communication, computation etc.

The global computer parts and accessories industry generated total revenues of US$370 billion in 2006 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% for the period 2001-2005. Sales of computer parts other than PCs generated total revenues of US$208.2 billion, equivalent to 56.7% of the total computer parts industry. The forecast says that the industry will reach US$489.1 billion by the end of 2010.


Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories Computer accessories include devices that are used for enhancing and facilitating the working of a computer. These accessories may be used for a variety of purposes like; for cleaning the different parts of the computer, to keep the computer and other accessories safely, to accommodate the sound requirements of the systems, for video conferencing and capturing images around your home and office and to install any of the additional features in a computer like audio, video or gaming. Some of the examples of these computer accessories are cleaning products, computer furniture, computer speakers, web cameras, computer add-on cards, laptop accessories, keyboard accessories, computer enclosure, monitor accessories and mouse accessories.

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Computer Input Devices

Computer Input Devices In simple terminology computer input devices can be explained as those hardware devices, which assist the users in entering data and programs into a computer. The different types of computer input devices can be broadly classified into two types:

* Devices that are manually operated by the user like keyboard, mouse, joysticks, graphic tablets, game paddles, game controllers etc.

* Devices like sensors, transducers and scanners that transform external signals into data.

A buyer generally looks for the brand of the input device, its quality, price, size and how much easy to use the device is. According to a projection, the global market for sensors only will grow at the rate of 4.5% annually and reach US$50.6 billion in 2008 and US$61.4 billion in 2010.

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Computer Output Devices

Computer Output Devices Computer Output devices are devices that receive and display information on the computer in an understandable form. These devices receive electrical pulses and then record the data passively and finally display it on the computer. The major brands manufacturing these devices are Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, HP, Samsung and Xerox. The important features, which people take into consideration while buying these devices are screen size, monitor resolution, monitor dot pitch, adjustment options (especially to prevent problems like back pain, neck pain etc) and monitor connectivity if they are buying a monitor and the quality of print, usage, technology and design (laser or inkjet) etc for a printer. The various types of computer output devices are:

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Computer Systems

Computer Systems Computer systems can be defined as a combination of hardware equipment and software programs working together to process meaningful data. The different types of computer systems can be differentiated on the basis of technology and usage. On the basis of technology they are classified as mainframe computers, computer servers and single board computers. On the basis of usage they are personal computers, industrial computers, portable computers and desktop computers. The major brands dealing in manufacturing various types of computer systems are Dell, Compaq, Apple, IBM and Sony. The global market for laptops is equivalent to US$ 69.2 billion.

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Cpu Parts

Cpu Parts The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a very important part of a computer, which helps in the execution of a program and thus is also called the brain of a computer. It is an internal part of the computer and can be seen after removing the CPU heat sink and CPU fan. Different parts of CPU include motherboard, PCB, PCB accessories and processor. The motherboard provides the logical and electrical connections, which helps the other components of the computer to communicate with each other. While buying CPU one must take into consideration configurations of motherboard, chip set, hard disk, RAM and their brand.

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Data Storage Devices

Data Storage Devices Data storage devices are those devices that are used for storing information or data. Recording of the data can be done using many types of energy like electrical, mechanical, magnetic, or optical.The unit of storage in a data storage device is byte. The data storage devices can be differentiated on the basis of energy used by them to store data. The different types of magnetic storage devices are floppy disk, core memory, magnetic drum and magnetic tape. Electrical storage devices include memory card, memory drives and semiconductor memory. Various types of Optical data storage devices available in the market are magneto-optical disk, blue-ray disc, holographic memory and tape drives. Normally a buyer looks for the type of the storage device, cable attachments provided with them and the storage capacity before buying these devices.

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