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Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories Overview

Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are supplementary components, which improve capability and respond to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner in a computer. These devices are used for enhancing and facilitating the working of a computer.

Some Major Products

Some major computer accessories are Computer Add-on Cards & Memory Programmers, Computer Furniture, Computer Enclosure & Mounting Kits, Computer Speakers, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse Accessories, Laptop Accessories, Web Cameras, CD burners & Anti Glare Filters, Media Storage Boxes etc.

Major Manufacturing Countries

Major manufacturing countries are China, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India and Japan .

Major Exporter

The major exporters of computer accessories are concentrated in the markets of USA, Europe, Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia and Africa.

Selling Proposition

Major selling propositions for computer accessories are Precision, Installation Capacity, Advanced Technology, and Easy to handle, Size of the memory card, Speed of the processor, Bright and sharp screen, Backup and storage.

Upcoming Trends

Overall demand for Computer systems are growing day by day as the number of computer literates world wide are increasing. However, the users are going towards using higher end computer systems like laptops and palmtops. This will also create boom in the computer accessories market.
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