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Data Storage Devices

Data Storage Devices Overview

Data Storage Devices

Data Storage is the capacity of a device to hold and retain data. These devices are used for storing information. A storage device may hold information, process information, or both. The unit of storage in a data storage device is byte. It is one of the fundamental components of all modern computers, and coupled with a central processing unit (CPU, a processor).

Types of Data Storage Devices

The data storage devices can be differentiated on the basis of energy used by them to store data. The major data storage devices are: Magnetic Storage Devices, Floppy Disk, Magnetic Drum, Magnetic Tape, Electrical Storage Devices, Memory Cards, Memory Drives, Semiconductor Memory, Optical Storage Devices, Magneto-optical Disc, Blue-ray Disc, Holographic Memory and Tape Drives

Major Manufacturers

Major data storage device manufacturing countries are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, India and United Kingdom.

Major Export Market

Important export markets are North America, South America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Selling Proposition

Important selling proposition of the data storage devices include capacity of the devices to store data, data accessibility, mutability (Read/write storage or mutable storage), address ability, security and performance.

Upcoming Trends

The need for digital data storage, the shift from paper based transactions to a digital process based procedures, the growth of digital entertainment industry are the obvious reasons for growth of data storage device market worldwide. Other developments that will be conclusively responsible for growth of data storage industry is the wireless way of life and online transactions.
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