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Consumer Appliances

Consumer appliances are electronically operated machines that are used primarily in domestic activities like cooling, heating, cooking, cleaning, refrigerating, entertainment etc. Based on the tasks performed by them they are classified as entertainment products, cooling products, heating products, photographic products, household appliances etc.

Appliances which are required for fulfilling daily needs of a household, come under kitchen appliances like refrigerator, water purifier, air purifier, toaster, microwave ovens etc. Entertainment products are further divided into two sectors- audio & video. The audio sector consists of hifi systems, cassette, CD, MP3 players, stereos, wireless headphone. While the video sector consists of television, plasma tV, LCD TV etc. Another industry which is on a boom is gaming industry consisting of video games, game consoles etc.

The growing needs of the consumers are driving the latest technological innovations in the consumer appliances industry. A look at today's consumer appliances market, there are consumer electronics products with features like ultra thin designs, function convergence, environmental protection, energy saving and lower prices. New products, which are easy to use and provide a lot of facilities, are being launched by the consumer appliance manufactures, which provide a wide choice to the consumers. With so many selections and so many different technologies, products have increased considerable market demands and giving a hard time to manufacturers & suppliers of consumer electronics appliances.

China, Taiwan and Italy are the largest manufacturers of consumer appliances. Global consumer appliances industry's sales revenues reached US$950 billion in 2006.According to an estimate the consumer appliances industry in China will be the strongest by 2010, as the demand for consumer appliances is rising because of the rapid pace of economic development taking place in China and low cost of manufacturing of these appliances. China is expected to become the second largest market for consumer appliances in the world after US.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners Air conditioner or AC is an electronic appliance, which is designed for cooling the air of an enclosed place like office, home, factory, mall, etc by extracting heat through the process of refrigeration. A filter is placed in the air duct for keeping the air conditioner clean. An air conditioning device uses certain chemicals, which easily convert gas into liquid form and vice-versa. This mechanism is used to transfer heat out from the indoor space. The different types of air conditioners are Automotive AC, Split AC and Window AC. Split AC's are a good option if there is no central air conditioning installed and one does not want the noise of an AC fixed in a window. Usually buyers are interested in the brand of the AC, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and cooling capacity of the AC. AC's with high EER are more economical in the long run, though they cost more. Thus it is more feasible.

» Automotive AC | » Portable AC | » Split AC | » Window AC 

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Audio & Video Accessories

Audio & Video Accessories Audio and Video accessories are those items, which are used with audio and video devices for enhancing their capabilities. There are many type of audio accessories which are commonly used for amplifying low power audio signals, mixing or changing the level or tone of audio signals, monitoring sound to make them more audible and converting electrical signals into audible sound waves or vice-versa. The video accessories are used for tuning the television, keeping the television and for carrying the video data. The various types of audio and video accessories are:

» Audio Amplifiers | » Audio Generators | » Audio Mixers | » Audio Monitors | » Audio Processing Equipment | » Audio Recorders | » Consoles & Resonators | » Headphone | » Megaphones | » Microphone | » Sound Analyzers | » Speakers | » Synchronizers | » Video Accessories 

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Audio & Video Systems

Audio & Video Systems Audio and Video systems can be defined, as those electronic devices that are used to transmit or record sound and convert electrical signals into images. The various types of audio and video systems include audio cassette players, CD players, cassette recorders, DVD players, MP3 players etc. These items are made up of high quality polycarbonare, aluminum and lacquer. Before buying Audio and Video systems buyers always look for good sound and image quality, design of the remote, storage space, technical features (like Dolby digital and DTS digital output) etc. The leading brands manufacturing audio and video systems are Sony, Phillips, Bose, Panasonic, LG and Samsung.

» Audio Cassette Players | » CD Players | » Cassette Recorders | » DVD Players | » Hi-Fi Audio Systems | » Home Theater Systems | » Karaoke Players | » MP3 Players | » Stereo Systems 

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Cooling Products

Cooling Products The electronic devices used for maintaining cold environment for various purposes are covered under this category. A wide range of cooling products are available in the market like Air curtain, AC, cabinet coolers, water coolers and wine coolers.

» Air Conditioning Chillers | » Air Coolers | » Air Curtains | » Cabinet Coolers | » Chip Coolers | » Water Coolers | » Wine Coolers 

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Dehumidifiers Dehumidifiers are important devices, which help in reducing the humidity levels of the surroundings by removing the water vapor from air. Generally dehumidifiers are used for preventing the growth of allergic biological organisms like mold or dust mites. Dehumidifiers are used in homes, offices, bathrooms, wardrobes, closets, cabinets, drawers and camera boxes to keep them safe from molds. While buying humidifiers one must take into consideration following factors noise levels, type of humid stat to control humidity levels and type of air filter. These are of three types: Heat Pump Dehumidifier, Dehumidifying Ventilator, Chemical Absorbent dehumidifier.

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Electrical Fans

Electrical Fans Electrical fans are devices that have two main functions

* They spread air for human comfort or for ventilation

* Move air or gas from one area to another for industrial purposes.

Before buying any kind of fan people generally look for the size of fan, the efficiency and the price of the fan. The major brands manufacturing fans worldwide are New York Blower Company, Patterson fans, Air Master Fan Co., Hunter Fan Company etc.

» AC Fans | » Air Driven Fans | » Ceiling Fans | » DC Fans | » Exhaust Fans | » Filter Fans | » Heating Fans | » Table Fans | » Wall-Mount Fans 

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Entertainment Appliances

Entertainment Appliances Entertainment appliances are gadgets that are used for fun and enjoyment. Electronic toys, musical instruments, video games and accessories can be termed as entertainment appliances. Video games and accessories industry witnessed the largest growth in 2006. According to a study by Price waterhouse Cooper (PwC) market for video games and accessories grow from US$31.6 billion in 2006 to US$48.9 billion in 2011. The worldwide market for electronic toys will reach US$7 billion by 2011. Some of the most popular names in entertainment appliances are Nintendo and Microsoft.

» Electronic Toys | » Musical Instruments | » Video Games & Accessories 

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Fan Accessories

Fan accessories are used to enhance the smooth running of the fans and make them better equipped. They are hundreds in number. Some of the important ones are flexible connectors, standard silencers, custom silencers, butterfly valves, fan finger guards, cords, foam filter, retainer tubeaxial special parts, motorized impellers, centrifugal blowers,, capacitors, wiring diagrams, signals, interface converter.

» Pressure Switch Control | » Supply Grills | » Timer Controls 

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Heating Products

Heating Products Heating Products are those electrical equipments, which are used in homes, big industrial and commercial setups. These devices are used for various purposes like for heating the furnace, for molding, for heating water and also for warming closed surroundings in extreme cold conditions. Most of the heating products use electrical energy but now heaters using solar energy are also used. These products save electricity and are environment friendly. The various types of heating devices are:

» Air Heaters | » Band Heaters | » Cabinet Heaters | » Ceramic Heaters | » Electric Blankets | » Electric Gas Heaters | » Electric Heating Pads | » Electric Water Heaters | » Fan Heaters | » Flexible Heaters | » Immersion Heaters | » Induction Heaters | » Solar Heaters 

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Household Appliances

Household Appliances Household appliances are those electrical appliances that perform various household functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, purifying, food preservation etc in homes, industrial and commercial places. The leading household appliance manufacturing companies in the world are Whirlpool, Haier, LG electronics, Samsung and Electrolux. The worldwide household appliances market grew at the rate of 2.9% in the year 2006 and reached US$121.3 billion. According to an estimate by Datamonitor, the market for household appliances will grow at the rate of 17.8% and reach US$142.9 billion by the year 2011. The largest market for household appliances is the USA. The commonly used household appliances are:

» Air Purifiers | » Bathroom Appliances | » Beauty Appliances | » Electric Sewing Machines | » Fitness Equipment | » Gardening Equipment | » Kitchen Appliances | » Laundry Appliances | » Vacuum Cleaners 

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Humidifiers Humidifiers are electrical devices that are used to add moisture to the air in dry weather. People use them to avoid dryness of skin, nose and throat in dry places especially in deserts. Usually humidifiers have three main components a reservoir, a wick and a fan. Humidifiers are of many shapes and sizes.The most commonly available humidifiers are:

* Vaporizer or Steam Humidifier or Warm Mist Humidifier

* Impeller Humidifier or Cool Mist Humidifier

* Ultrasonic Humidifier

One should be very careful while buying humidifiers. If a buyer is interested in cutting the cost then firstly the replacement cost of the filters should be considered. One should avoid steam humidifiers especially if there are small children in home as they increase the risk of injury and burns, warranty period should always be kept in mind, and less noise making humidifiers should be preferred.

» Steam Humidifiers 

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Photographic Cameras

Photographic Cameras A photographic camera is a device that is used to capture pictures either with or without sound. A camera can operate either with the light of visible spectrum or with other parts of electromagnetic spectrum. There are many types of photographic cameras like analog still camera, CCD camera, CMOS camera, digital SLR camera, digital still camera, digital video camera, close circuit camera, TV camera and underwater camera. The leading brands manufacturing photographic cameras are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Konica, Fuji, Ricoh and Polaroid. The main features that a buyer keeps in mind before buying a camera is the brand, the price, the lenses, pixels, the zoom capability, type of battery, quality of lenses and the storage capacity.

» Analog Still Camera | » Analog Video Camera | » CCD Camera | » CMOS Camera | » Camcorders | » Camera Accessories | » Covert Camera | » Digital SLR Camera | » Digital Still Camera | » Digital Video Camera | » Disposable Camera | » High-Speed Camera | » Infrared Camera | » Manual Camera | » Mini Camera | » Security Camera | » TV Camera | » Underwater Camera 

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Video Equipment

Video Equipment Video equipment are devices used to record, manipulate and display moving images in a format that can be presented on a television screen. It includes all type of televisions, video players, recorders, Camcorders etc. Video equipment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with lot of technical innovation and product changes it is one of the most dynamic too. Television alone has got a market size of $161 billion and which is all set to touch a figure of $250 billion by year 2010. Some of the biggest brands in the industry are Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and JVC.The various types of video equipment are:

» Optoelectronic Displays | » Televisions | » Video Players | » Video Recorders 

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Wireless Devices

Wireless Devices Wireless device refers to those equipments that use wireless technology. This implies that devices, which operate without using hard wired connection, are called wireless devices. In this technology information is transferred over a long distances without using wires. An example of wireless device is Bluetooth products. These products use bluetooth technology, which is a short-range communications technology connected movable or fixed gadgets. The main features of bluetooth devices are that they are robust, consume less power and are affordable.

» Bluetooth Products 

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