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Audio & Video Accessories

Audio & Video Accessories Overview

Audio and Video accessories are used with audio and video devices for enhancing their capabilities. There are many types of audio accessories which are commonly used for amplifying low power audio signals, mixing or changing the level or tone of audio signals, monitoring sound to make them more audible and converting electrical signals into audible sound waves or vice-versa. The video accessories are used for television, video conferencing etc. and for carrying the video data.

Types of Audio and Video Accessories

The various types of audio and video accessories are Audio / Video Adaptors, Audio / Video Cables, Audio / Video Switch, Component Video Cable, Digital Audio Cables, Digital converters, Audio Amplifiers, Audio Mixers, Audio Monitors, Audio Recorders, Cable Television Accessories-Video Cables, Amplifiers, Television Tuner Card etc.

Major Manufacturer

Major manufacturing countries are China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia and Lebanon.

Main Export

Main Export Markets North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East and Africa.

Selling Proposition

Selling proposition for audio and video accessories are durability, good quality output, user friendly etc.

Global Scenario

China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Italy are the largest manufacturers of Audio-Video accessories. The global market for this industry is set to quadruple by 2010.
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