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Video Equipment

Video Equipment Products: Optoelectronic Displays | Televisions | Video Players | Video Recorders 

Video Equipment Overview

Electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves that represent images and sound are called video equipments. These devices record, manipulate and display moving images in a format.

Video equipment Types

Different types of video equipments are all types of Televisions like Flat Panel Televisions, Projection Televisions, Projectors, Digital Cameras, DVD Theater Systems, DVD Players, Personal Video Recorder, Digital Camcorders, TiVo, and Digital Imaging etc.

Manufacturing Countries

Major manufacturing countries are Singapore, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, China, Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Philippines, Canada and India.

Main Export Markets

Main Export Markets for industrial software are USA, Europe, Eastern and Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania etc.

Global Scenario

Video equipment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with a lot of technical innovation. Television alone has got a market size of $161 billion and which is all set to touch a figure of $250 billion by year 2010.
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