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Network Database

Network Database Overview

Network Database Overview

Network database is a kind of database management system in which each record type can have multiple owners, e.g. orders are owned by both customers and products. It is a common repository of network data shared among different systems. In this model the whole network of relationships is symbolized by many paired sets. The network database model represents different objects and their relationships in a flexible manner. It holds addresses of other users in the network and is basically used by network installation tool for finding and allocating the network resources.

Key Features

Main feature of network database system is to separate data structure from physical storage and to eliminate unnecessary duplication of data with associated errors and costs. It uses the concept of data definition language, data manipulation language etc.


The basic components of network database are data provider, data consumer, service component etc.


Network database system is simple and easy to design, has the ability to handle multiple relationship, easy accessesibility of data, data integrity, the data application programs work independently etc. The network database system is flexible for handling complex spatial relationships.


Structural modification is difficult in the network database system. They are characterize by lack of robustness, and physical implementations that perform well for one type of network may perform poorly for another type.
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