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Bolts Overview

A bolt is a piece of metal fitted with a nut and is used to fix components of a structure in a specific position. It can ideally be called as some kind of a locking mechanism, like a shaft with a helical groove or thread on its surface and provision at one end to turn the screw. Its main uses are as a threaded fastener used to hold objects together and as a simple machine used to translate torque into linear force.


These threaded fasteners either have a tapered shaft or a non-tapered shaft. It has many variants depending on the functions they are designed for. Some of them include Hex socket cap bolts, head bolts, screw bolts and anchor bolts.


They are mostly made up of stainless steel and carbon steel with black, zinc, HDG, nickel and phosphate coating.

Manufacturing countries

Countries involved in the manufacturing of bolts include China, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States and Thailand.

Export Markets

Major export markets consist of continents like Oceania, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North and South America.

Selling Proposition

The major selling proposition for these bolts is that they are manufactured keeping in mind the international quality approvals such as DIN, ANSIASME/ BS, GB and JIS, which ensure that these products will not get worn down within the warranty period.
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