Clips Overview

Clips Overview

Clips are temporary electrical connectors named which function much like a spring-loaded clothespin, the clips are most of the times tapered with serrated jaws and are forced by a spring to make them grip a metal object. One of the jaws usually has either a wire permanently attached or a banana plug inserted to it for connection to an electrical circuit. The clip may be partly covered by a plastic shroud or "boot" to prevent accidental short-circuits.


These clips are available in assorted types such as 15A with cover, 55mm, with vinyl booth, IC clip or with screw and molded handle. They are also available in various sizes. However, some major types of variants for these electrical clips include battery clips. alligator clips, Pacifier clips and Cir clips.


These clips may be used in a variety of applications such as in dental offices to hold minor components, as miniature clams to hold parts of a gluing and wires together for soldering or for connecting components to wires, Some times it also serves the purpose of a grommet.

Manufacturing countries:

Countries involved in the manufacturing of clips include China, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand and Turkey.


These electrical clips are made up of myriad materials depending on the type of component they are used for establishing the connection. They are primarily made up of solid copper, nickel, spring and steel.

Selling proposition:

Battery clips with ratings of 400A, housing of glass filled nylon and insulated coatings make these products highly sought-after for uses in various electrical applications in different industries.
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