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Electrical Manufacturing Equipment

Electrical manufacturing equipment are those electrical devices that are used in various industries. These devices are used in the industries for the purpose of casting, cleaning, heating, cooling, welding, packaging etc. They include devices such as compressors, hydraulic system components, industrial casting equipment, industrial heating and cooling equipment, industrial machine tools, industrial manufacturing materials, material handling and processing equipment, motors, valves and pumps.


Compressors A compressor is an electronic machine used to compress air or other gases. It converts a gas into liquid state by putting substantial pressure on the gas and thus permits heat to be either added or removed. Compressors are generally used in heat pumps and air conditioners. The two important types of compressors are Air Compressors and Gas Compressors.

» Air Compressors | » Gas Compressors 

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Electronic Industrial Machines

Electronic Industrial Machines Electronic Industrial Machines include those computerized devices that are used in manufacturing industries for handling complex, heavy and hazardous jobs which were earlier performed by human beings. Usage of these machines have made these complex tasks easier, reduced incidence of error drastically, facilitated error detection and lessened the dangers involved to human labor especially in industries like die casting, forging and spot welding. They are being widely used in automotive, diecasting, welding, forging, spray painting and palatalizing industries. The various types of electronic industrial machines are CNC Machines and Industrial Robots.

» Cnc Machines | » Industrial Robots 

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Hydraulic System Components

Hydraulic System Components Hydraulic system is a mechanism in, which the machines are operated under high pressures developed by a fluid, most often water. Hydraulic system is applied in many fields like agriculture, mining, construction, automobile engineering, power plants and textile industries. A hydraulic system is composed of a reservoir, pump, filter (for cleaning the fluid), selector valve (for controlling the direction of flow of the fluids), a relief valve (for easing excess pressure) and an actuator. The various electrical components used in a hydraulic system are:

» Hydraulic Accumulators | » Hydraulic Cylinders | » Hydraulic Earth-Moving Equipment | » Hydraulic Filters | » Hydraulic Fittings | » Hydraulic Lifting Equipment | » Hydraulic Machines | » Hydraulic Motors | » Hydraulic Power Units | » Hydraulic Pump 

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Industrial Casting Equipment

Industrial Casting Equipment Casting is the production process involving molten metals to be poured into the molds and then they are dried and solidified. The solid metal is then extracted and is properly cleaned and finished. Casting is used for molding a variety of things like decorative pieces, materials used in building and construction and parts of various machines and electronic devices. The different types of machines used for this purpose are:

» Aluminum Casting Machines | » Iron Casting Machines | » Steel Casting Machines | » Vacuum Casting Machines 

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Cleaning equipment are devices that are used in various industries for washing, decreasing and removing impurities or dirt through brushes, blowers, and vacuum cleaners. Cleaning is very important in the industries as it is very important to save the products manufactured from dirt, grease or any other kind of impurity that gets accumulated on them. These activities are performed using various devices such as

» Air Blow Guns | » Degreasing Equipment | » Industrial Brushes | » Industrial Floor Cleaners | » Industrial Vacuum Cleaners | » Pressure Washers | » Scrubber Dryers | » Spray Washers | » Sweeping Machines | » Vapour Steamers 

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Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment

Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment Industrial heating and cooling equipments are devices that are used for various purposes like for transferring heat from one fluid to the other, absorbing heat from the surface of various devices, decreasing the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, heating water or other fluids under pressure and for drying. These equipments are used in most of the industries. There are different types of heating and cooling equipment equipments.

» Heat Exchangers | » Heaters | » Heatsinks | » Industrial Air Conditioning Equipment | » Industrial Blowers | » Industrial Boilers | » Industrial Drying Equipment | » Industrial Fans | » Industrial Ovens 

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Industrial Machine Tools

Industrial Machine Tools Industrial machine tools are used for different functions like for processing of wires, coil processing, welding, smoothing, cutting and grinding the different materials used in different industrial operations. The various types of industrial machine tools are Coil Processing Machinery, Cutting Tools and Grinding Machines.

» Coil Processing Machinery | » Cutting Tools | » Grinding Machines | » Sanders & Planers | » Welding Equipment | » Wire Processing Machines 

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Industrial Manufacturing Materials

Industrial Manufacturing Materials The industrial manufacturing materials consist of various items that are used in making, insulating and fixing various goods manufactured in different industries. These materials can be made up of metals, plastic, ceramic, graphite, quartz, wood etc. The different types of industrial manufacturing materials are Conductive Materials, Graphite Products, Insulation Products etc.

» Conductive Materials | » Graphite Products | » Insulation Products | » Lasers | » Magnets | » Mica Products | » Plastic Materials | » Quartz Products | » Silicon Compounds 

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Material Handling & Processing Equipment

Material Handling & Processing Equipment The material handling and processing equipment includes those equipments that are used for moving a material from one place to the other, handling it carefully, giving good finish to the item and storing it. These equipments include:

» Ash Handling Equipment | » Conveyors | » Elevators | » Forklift | » Loading & Unloading Equipment | » Metal Molding Equipment | » Metal Spraying Equipment | » Metal Stamping Equipment | » Pressing Machines | » Product Finishing Machines | » Rolling Machines 

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Motors Motor is an electronic device that helps in transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy or energy generated by compressed air into motion. This device consists of a number of coils of wire that keep on rotating and are operated by a magnetic force created by a magnetic field. Important parts of a motor are armature or rotor, commutator, brushes, axle, field magnet and a power supply. The different components and accessories used with motors are commutators, motor brakes, motor clutches, motor controllers, motor drives, motor gears and motor pumps. The most commonly used motors are Electric Motors and Pneumatic Motors.

» Electric Motors | » Motor Components & Accessories | » Pneumatic Motors 

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Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines The packaging machines as the name suggests are machines that are used in packing the finished goods manufactured in various industries by sealing, cartoning, batching, collating, wrapping, bundling, etc. These goods are packed in order to save them from getting damaged or destroyed. The various types of packaging machines can be classified according to the different uses they are put in to like:

» Bagging Machines | » Banding Machines | » Batching Machines | » Blister Packaging Machines | » Bottle Sealing Machines | » Bundling Machines | » Cartoning Machines | » Collating Machines | » Foil Wrapping Machines | » Induction Cap Sealing Machines | » Jar Sealing Machines | » Metal Molding Machines | » Pouch Packaging Machines | » Powder Packaging Machines | » Sleeving Machines | » Strapping Machines | » Thermo-forming Machines | » Twist Wrapping Machines | » Vacuum Packaging Machines 

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Pneumatic System Components

Pneumatic System Components Pneumatic system operates by using gas, which is compressed under very high pressure. This compressed gas is held in a special tank from where some gas is released into the expandable chamber that has a rod, so that when the gas expands the rod moves outward. Gas is an important part of the pneumatic system, which is compressed to create pressure. This gas is stored in a tank. All these tanks consist of a burst valve so that they can bear immense pressure. These burst valves open up when the pressure increases and blow the gas out slowly so that the tank does not explode due to excess pressure. Regulators are fitted on top of the tank and their main function is to hold excess air back and only allow reasonable amount to pass through in order to make the pneumatic system reach the optimum operating pressure level. The different components of pneumatic system are:

» Air Filters | » Air Hose | » Pneumatic Couplings | » Pneumatic Cylinders | » Pneumatic Lubricators | » Pneumatic Riveters | » Pneumatic Rotary Actuators | » Pneumatic Valves 

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Pumps Pumps are devices that are used for moving any liquid from low-pressure area to high-pressure area. The pumps apply mechanical force for pushing the liquid up. This mechanical force can be applied either by physically applying pressure or by application of the force of compression. Pumps are powered by various devices such as internal combustion engine, electric motor, wind power, solar power and also manually (hand pump). They are used for many important purposes like for irrigation, water supply, gasoline supply, in air conditioners, refrigerators, sewage control, in floods, marine services etc. Depending upon the uses, pumps are available in a large number of shapes and sizes. There is a diverse range of pumps available according to the various applications like:

» Centrifugal Pump | » Diaphragm Pump | » Gear Pump | » Lobe Pump | » Peristaltic Pump | » Piston Pump | » Pumps By Application | » Screw Pump | » Triplex Pump | » Vacuum Pumps | » Vane Pump 

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Valves Valve is a device that is used for controlling the free flow of a fluid through an inlet or outlet. A simple valve is capable of controlling the pressure, direction and the rate of flow of a fluid. Valves can also be used to regulate the flow of air or distribution of water. Generally all the valves consist of the following parts Inlet, Orifice, Plug or Seal and Outlet. The inlet and outlet of a valve are also known as ports. Valves can be either mechanically operated or through an electric signal. There are many types of valves based on the functions performed by them like:

» Air Valves | » Control Valves | » Hydraulic Valves | » Solenoid Valves | » Valve Actuators | » Valves By Application 

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