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Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are products that connect an electrical device to the power source. The different kinds of electronic & electrical connectors are adapters, crimp connectors, couplers, plug sockets, electrical sockets, jacks and electric switches. They are used for different purposes like for joining two or more electrical circuits, controlling the flow of current and also for matching the electrical characteristics of two devices so that a connection can be made between them. While buying electronic & electrical connectors, it should be checked that they have a low contact resistance and high insulation value and are resistant to water, vibration, pressure and oil.

The different types of electronic & electrical connectors available in the market can be differentiated on the basis of their applications as filter connectors, crimp connectors, terminal splices, adapters, computer connectors, audio connectors, network connectors, signal connectors, RJ connectors, electric switches, terminal blocks, terminators, electrical sockets, plug sockets and jacks. Some commonly used connectors are power connectors, RF connectors, DC connectors.

China, India, U.S.A, Taiwan and Malaysia are the largest switch manufacturers. While the top electrical connectors manufacturers and wholesale suppliers are AMP Inc, Thomas and Betts Corp, Molex Inc etc. The global demand for electronic connectors in 2005 achieved an annual growth rate of 8.5% and industry analysts predict a continuous growth over the next five years, making the electrical connectors demand in the industry, $6.0 billion by the year 2010, at 8.0% CAGR.

All the types of electronic & electrical connectors with complete list of electrical connectors manufacturers & wholesale suppliers is mentioned below.


Adapter An adapter is a type of connector that is used to match the physical or electrical characteristic of two different devices to form a connection between them. The types of adapters can be classified based on their applications as:

» Audio & Video Adapter | » Computer Adapters | » Network Adapter | » Power Adapters 

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Audio Connectors

Audio Connectors Audio connectors can be defined as electrical connectors that are used to transmit audio signals between two systems. An audio connector works by connecting the earphone or loud speaker jack to a circuit present on the electronic appliance. Audio connectors are used for transmitting to the earphone or loudspeaker. They are also used in a computer, television, radio and other audio device for transmitting audio signals. Audio connectors can be differentiated on the basis of technology and uses. On the basis of technology used the different types of audio connectors are XLR connectors, binding posts, RCA audio connectors, TRS audio connectors. Depending on their usage the different types of audio connectors are military audio connectors, phono connectors, loudspeaker connectors and speaker connectors.

» Binding Posts 

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Computer Connectors

Computer connectors are a type of hardware cables. These hardware cables are produced using insulator material such as PBT glass filled or Nylon-6T. These computer connectors are equipped with brass or phosphor bronze made terminals. These terminals are used for the sake of connecting various computer accessories to each other. The most common types of computer connectors are; HDMI connectors, DVI connectors, IDC connectors etc. These connectors are very efficient and are capable of working in extreme conditions and temperatures.

» I/O Connectors | » Pcb Connectors | » Peripheral Device Connectors 

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Crimp Connectors

Crimp Connectors Crimp connectors can be defined as electrical connectors that help in holding two connections by either compressing or overlapping the different parts on the connector. Crimp connectors are fixed in the wires and cables to connect two devices together. The two wires connected together with the help of crimp connectors can either be connected permanently or in a way so that they can be easily disconnected when required.

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Filter Connectors

Filter Connectors Filter connectors are used in electronic connectors to cut off noise from a signal line and save the system from external noises. These filters are generally bi-directional meaning that they can attenuate noise arising from both the sides of the filter thus providing immunity to the system. These connectors are used for achieving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC- a condition in which an equipment neither itself functions badly nor causes other equipments to perform below design levels). They are being widely used in computers, telecom, medical, test instrumentation, military, avionic and space programs.

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Network Connector

Network Connector These connectors are used for connecting various devices so that data can be sent and received from the network. The different types of network connectors are wireless connectors, FDDI connectors, ATM connectors, bluetooth connectors, ISDN connectors, modem connectors, telephone connectors and ethernet connectors.

» Telephone Connector | » Wireless Connector 

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Power Connectors

Power Connectors A power connector is a type of electrical connector that is used to carry a large amount of electrical power generally as DC or low frequency AC. The different types of power connectors are AC power connectors, automotive power connectors, battery charger connectors, Drawer connectors, DC power connectors, Hybrid connectors and Mains power connectors. These are used to connect equipments in wall outlets, to attach power cable to an appliance or small machine etc.

» Automotive Connectors | » Battery Charger Connectors | » Battery Connectors | » DC Power Connectors | » Hybrid Connectors 

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Rj Connectors

RJ connectors are used to connect telephone appliances and telephone lines. Most of them come with thermal and electrical insulation. In order to save from any type of magnetic interference, these connectors are always equipped with integral filters. Also to save them from getting rusted, the connector contacts are coated with very thin metallic coating. The most popular types of RJ connectors are RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 etc.

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Signal Connectors

Signal Connectors These are the electrical connectors that carry small amounts of electrical power. The different types of signal connectors are Fiber optic connectors, RF connectors etc. The RF connectors are used with coaxial cables and they work at radio frequencies. The fiber optic connectors are made of fiber optic cables and their main advantage is that they are very easy to use.

» Fiber Optic Connectors | » Rf Connectors 

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Sockets & Jacks

Sockets & Jacks Sockets are female electrical connectors having holes for accepting the pins of the male power plugs. The sockets are connected to a power source and they pass on electric current to the power plug inserted in them. Generally sockets are designed in such a way that they reject plugs, which do not match the electrical standard of the socket. The various types of sockets are differentiated on the basis of their applications.

A jack is an electrical device that consists of a socket, which is designed for inserting a plug. The different types of jacks based on their usage.

» Battery Sockets | » Electrical Jacks | » Extension Sockets | » Fuse Sockets | » Ic Sockets | » LED Sockets | » Lamp Sockets | » Meter Sockets | » Relay Sockets 

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Switches Switch is a mechanical or electronic device that is used to make and break a circuit or change the connections in a circuit. In other words switch changes the flow of current in a circuit. A simple switch consists of a contact and an actuator. Switches can be broadly classified on the basis of their usage, mechanism, and safety and on the basis of technology they are differentiated as electrical and electronic switches.

» Electrical Switches | » Electronic Switches | » Safety Switches | » Switches By Mechanism | » Switches By Usage 

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Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks Terminal blocks are devices having an insulating base with binding posts for making connections on which a set of terminals are mounted. They are generally used to connect wires in equipment. These terminal blocks can accept wires of the size ranging from 12 awg to 500 mcm. Terminal blocks can be easily installed with the help of a screwdriver. The body of the blocks is made of cooper alloy having expansion coefficient equal to that of the wire. The terminal blocks can be classified on the basis of application as:

» Fused Terminal Blocks | » Plug Terminal Blocks 

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Terminal Splices

The terminal splices equipped with a center lug are used to connect or terminate multiple electrical conduits. These are a hollow body with depressions. They have mounting flange which are attached to the body projecting longitudinally outwards. These are used as supporters in industries. Further, they are used to assemble communication networks. Fiber Optical Splice Closure, Splice Closure etc. are its major types.

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Terminals Terminals are electrical connectors that are used for connecting two or more wires to a single connection point. This connection can either be temporary or permanent. The temporary connection requires a tool for assembling and removing the connection. In batteries every terminal is connected to either the positive or negative strap in the series connection of cells. The different types of terminals based on their usage are:

» Block Terminals | » Cable Terminals | » Clip Terminals | » Earth Terminals | » Fuse Terminals | » Wire Terminals 

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Terminators Terminators are hardware devices that are used in bus networks as a cap with the purpose of preventing the signals from getting reflected back along the line. Terminators provide electrical resistance on the end point of a transmission line. The main function of a terminator is to absorb the signals in the line so that they do not bounce back. Terminators are used in both electrical and communications system. The different types of terminators based on their technologies are punch-down blocks, network terminators, patch panels, SCSI terminators.

» Patch Panels 

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Video Connectors

Video Connectors A video connector is an electronic device, which transmits black & white and colored elements of a video signal through separate cables from a source, which might be any video device (DVD player, television or a video projector). These connections are generally represented by different colored cables. The video connectors are differentiated on the basis of different technologies used like:

» BNC Connectors | » D-Sub Connectors | » DIN Connectors | » F Connectors | » S Video Connectors 

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