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Switches Overview

Switches Overview

A switch is a mechanical device used to connect and disconnect a circuit at will. Switched vary from sub miniature up to industrial plant switching megawatts of power on high voltage distribution lines.


Variants of switches are many. They primarily include tactile switches, rotary switches, reliable lever switches, slide switches, pressure switches and leaf switches.

Manufacturing countries

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR form the major manufacturing countries producing switches.


Mid East Africa, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia and Australasia form major exporters of switches.

Selling propositions

Manifold Switching life, Insulation resistance, high contact resistance and voltage withstanding capacity upto AC 100V for one minute makes for some key features that make these products highly salable.

Global trends

New International quality approvals with full time warranty have further lent greater credibility to these switches.
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