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Terminals Overview

Terminals Overview

A terminal splice is basically employed for electrical connection and termination of multiple electrical conduits using a center lug with a hollow body with depressions and a mounting flange attached to the body projecting longitudinally outwards.


Some of the variants of Terminal Splices are: Splice Closure, Fiber Optical Splice Closure and Butt Splice.


These closures are commonly used in modern industrial technical and supporting need. They are also widely used in communication networks.


Major manufacture ring countries of terminal splices include China (mainland), Hong Kong, Taiwan and India.


Exporters of terminal splices consist of North America, South America, Western and Eastern Europe.

Selling Proposition

Their competitive edge lies in its innovative designs, best quality, sliding lock device and excellent seal techniques.

Global Trends

Latest production developments reveal that terminal splices boast of higher capacities of connection trays i.e. not just one or two but it can now also accommodate as many as 24 cores per tray.
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