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Lighting components are devices, which produce artificial light through the use of electricity. They are used to illuminate our offices, homes, hospitals and everything around us. The lighting components have various other uses like they are used for decoration, as glow signs, for lighting roads, at traffic signals and in automobiles. The lighting components industry involves industrial, commercial, residential and public lighting which come under Lights by usage. Lighting components further include products like light bulbs, LED bulbs, energy efficient light bulbs, lighting accessories and portable lights.

The lighting components industry has been undergoing rapid changes in the quest for energy efficiency, longer life and new applications. From office lighting to residential illumination, innovation in lighting components is taking advantage of broad-based technological progress. There is a world wide move away from power hungry incandescent light bulbs, towards more energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting.

The largest growing market in the lighting industry is lighting fixtures market. According to an estimate by Global Industry Analyst's Inc, the global market for lighting fixtures is estimated to reach US$94 billion by the end of 2010. This growth in the lighting industry is spurred by the rise in demand of lighting components. This demand is rising at the rate of 5% annually and was US$100 billion in 2006. China with 83% share of the global market, is one of the largest lighting components manufacturers. The other important lighting components manufacturers and suppliers are Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Worldwide, the most popular lighting manufacturers and lighting components suppliers in lighting industry are GE Lighting Systems, Acuity Brands, Advanced Lighting Technologies, Philips Lighting, Catalina Lighting, Cooper Lighting, JJI Lighting Group, Hubbell Lighting, Columbia Lighting, Juno Lighting, Koito Manufacturing Company, Universal Lighting Technologies.

This section is an effort to provide in depth information on Light Bulbs, Lighting Accessories, Portable Lights and Lights by usage. Also a list of respective manufacturers and wholesale suppliers is included.

Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs A common light bulb also known as incandescent light bulb is basically a glass enclosure containing a thin wire filament in vacuum to avoid oxidation of this filament at high temprature. This filament is heated through electrical resistance to generate light. Incandescent bulbs include many types of bulbs basically differentiated on the basis of their shape and technology. According to the shape they are globe shaped and tubular shaped. In the fluorescent light bulbs category, the CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs are the most popular and consume very less electricity and last 13 times longer. The various types of bulbs can be broadly classified into three types according to the technology used in them as:

» Appliance Bulbs | » Automotive Bulbs | » Decorative Bulbs | » Energy Saving Bulbs | » Flashlight Bulbs | » Floodlight Bulbs | » Fluorescent Lamps | » Hid Lamps | » Incandescent Bulbs | » Miniature Lamps | » Special Purpose Lamps | » Spotlight Bulbs 

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Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories A wide variety of accessories are used with lights for various purposes like for holding the lamp or bulb, for limiting the current, ionizing gas in the bulbs, reflecting the light, directing the light, reducing the output of the light and regulating the levels of light. The various types of lighting accessories available in the market are:

» Ballast Ignitors | » Candle Cups | » Fixture Components | » Light Ballasts | » Light Diffusers | » Light Dimmers | » Light Starter | » Lighting Fixtures | » Lighting Transformers | » Tubelight Chokes 

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Lights By Usage

Lights By Usage Lights can be differentiated according to the use to which they are employed. Lights are used for various purposes like for decorating a building or home, for showing the direction, as traffic lights, in automobiles, for lighting a sport stadium during night hours, in hospitals, movie studios, towers etc. The different types of lights classified on the basis of their specific uses are:

» Application Specific Lights | » Decorative Lights | » Glow Signs | » Indoor Lights | » Landscape Lights | » Road & Traffic Lights | » Safety Lights | » Vehicle Lights 

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Portable Lights

Portable Lights Portable lights are extremely useful electrical devices that can be conveniently moved from one place to the other. Portable lights are very useful lighting components that can be taken to any place where natural light is not present or light is needed due to any emergency situation like power failure. Portable lights come in various shapes and designs. They are also used for decorative purposes. The different types of portable lights on the basis of their usage are:

» Console Lamps | » Floor Lamps | » Lanterns | » Table Lamps | » Torches & Flashlights 

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