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Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories Overview

Lighting Accessories Overview

Lighting accessories are the electrical products used for different control and fixing purposes of lights for holding the lamp or bulb, for limiting the current, ionizing gas in the bulbs, reflecting the light, directing the light, reducing the output of the light and regulating the levels of light.

Types of Lighting Accessories

The various types of lighting accessories available in the market are: bullet ignitors, candle cups, fixture components, light ballasts, light diffusers, light dimmers, light starter, lighting fixtures, and lighting transformers.

Area of Application

The lighting accessories industry involves industrial, commercial, residential and public lighting. The largest growing market in the industry is lighting fixtures market.

Manufacturing Companies

These are the manufacturers of Lighting Accessories Alfred Precision Stampings, Power Accessories India Private Limited-India, Erc Elettro Radio Costruzioni SpA., Leax Lighting Controls-United Kingdom, Tong Sim Marine & Electric Co., Effion Technologies-Singapore, Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Limited, China Electronic Equipment Group-China.

Export Market

Export Market of lighting products is groom North America, Oceania, Africa, Mid East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Easten Europe, and Western Europe.
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