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Office automation products include various automation equipment used in offices for executing multiple tasks like creating copies of documents, sending and receiving important data etc. These office automation products help in managing and electronically transferring business information easily when required. Office automation equipment include fax machines, photocopy machines, printers, scanners etc. Usage of these automation equipment has simplified the work, decreased manual work and drastically reduced the time taken to complete different tasks. In this competitive business environment time management is extremely important and the major advantages of using these office automation products are that they save time and reduce costs in the long run.

There is a huge industry for these office automation products due to their increased use in offices for automating existing office procedures. The total increase in the shipments for printers was more than 25 million in 2006, which is much more than 21.4 million in 2005. According to FSA office automation industry is estimated to be around 5.2 billion by 2015. The revenue for worldwide industry of scanner manufacturers is expected to reach US$ 2.6 billion in 2006 and the worldwide sale of fax machines will reach 13.8 million machines in 2006.

Important office automation products that are essential for any office are listed below along with information on office automation products manufacturers & suppliers.

Fax Machines

Fax Machines Fax machine (Facsimile machine) is a device that is used for sending and receiving data through a telephone line. The fax machine uses an optical scanner for converting the images and texts into a digital format. The greatest advantage of using a fax machine is that it can easily transmit data over long distances and thus saves the cost of sending it through postal services. The different types of fax machines can be differentiated on the basis of technology used as wireless fax machine, color fax machines, digital fax machines, laser fax machines and thermal fax machines.

» Color Fax Machine | » Digital Fax Machines | » Laser Fax Machine | » Thermal Fax Machine 

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Office Automation Consumables

Office Automation Consumables The office automation consumables refer to objects that are used with different machines for various functions like charging the battery, refilling the ink, holding the roll of bond paper on which the image or text is being copied, storing the ink etc. The different types of consumables used with office automation equipment are generally differentiated on the basis of their usage. Some of these equipments are battery chargers, cartridge refills, drum units, ink cartridges, printer batteries, printer cartridges, printer ribbons, printing pads and roll holders.

» Battery Charger | » Calibration Tools | » Cartridge Refill | » Drum Units | » Ink Cartridges | » Printer Cabinet | » Printer Cartridge | » Printer Ribbons | » Printing Pad | » Roll Holder 

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Office Automation Parts

Office Automation Parts The different parts of office automation products are paper cutter, paper rewinder, printer drum, printing hard drive, printing head, sheet drawer and sheet feeder. These parts are used with various devices like printers, scanners etc for many purposes such as:

* For cutting the paper that usually comes in long rolls.
* For sending many pages of documents without manually feeding the paper into the machine.
* To create many original prints of the document.
* To expand the storage capacity of the machine and to increase or decrease the fonts.

» Cartridge Holder | » Paper Cutter | » Paper Rewinder | » Pick Roller | » Printer Drum | » Printer Hard Drive | » Printing Head | » Sheet Drawer | » Sheet Feeder 

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Photocopy Machines

Photocopy Machines Photocopy machines are devices that are used to reproduce copies of a text or image on paper. Photocopiers have multiple advantages like they easily reproduce copies of text or image taking very less time, they do not make noise while doing so, thus keeping the office environment noise free and they have fewer moving parts which means that mechanical breakdown rate is less (chances of machine developing fault). Besides that the quality of the copy produced is very good. This is the reason why the popularity of photocopiers has not lowered down and this industry annually generates US$ 24 billion in revenue and sells around 1.5 million copiers every year.

There are many types of photocopy machines. On the basis of technology they can be differentiated as analog photocopy machine and digital photocopy machine and according to the usage the different types of machines are color photocopiers, laser photocopiers, high-speed photocopiers etc.

» Colour Photocopier | » Laser Photocopier 

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