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Fax Machines

Fax Machines Overview

Fax Machine Overview

Fax machines is a Telecopier equipment of telecommunication technology used to transfer copies of documents at a distance. These are of different categories by their: Group, class, data transmission rate, and conformance with ITU-T recommendations. It utilizes standard PSTN lines and telephones numbers.

Types of Fax Machines

Fax machines are of two types, Analog: it used to take three to six minutes to transfer a data depending upon the group modem (T.2,T.30,T3) they are almost obsolete. Digital: these machines takes fifteen to ten seconds and they are kept under group 4 faxes modem conform to the ITU-T recommendations (T.563,T.503,T.521,T.6,T.62,T.70,T.72,T.411 toT,417) they are designed to operate 64kbit/s ISDN circuit.

Application of Fax Machines

Fax machines are useful in banks, news services, law firms, law firms, business people as documents can be sent quickly in seconds.

Major Manufacturers

Major manufacturers of fax machines are Brother, BT, Canon, OKI, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, and Xerox.

Export Market

Major export markets are Africa, Middle East, Northern Asia, and Oceania.

Selling Proposition

Fax machines should not be using thermal paper, good if multifunctional like speaker phone, memory space, digital answering machines, caller ID's, and auto redial system. It should take less time of transmission to reduce telephone bill.
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