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Attenuators Overview

Attenuators Overview

Attenuators are an electronic device that reduces the amplitude without distorting its waveform. Basically attenuators are used to extend the dynamic range of devices such as: power meters and amplifiers. It reduce signal levels to detectors, match circuits and are used daily in lab application, it is also used to balance out transmission lines to avoid unequal signal levels.

Types of Attenuators

RF attenuators; Radio Frequency Attenuators are used as loads for tuning and matching transmitters.

Audio attenuators (fiber optic); it is used to reduce volume and negative signal crossover, measuring amplifier's maximum output wattage.

Top Manufacturers

Attenuators are very commonly used electronic device used and manufactures all over the world; China, Kamaxoptic Communication Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Digicel Technology, India, TI Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Ranitronics, United States and Hong Kong.

Top Consumers

North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe are the main market of Attenuators.

Selling Proposition

It should have controlled SWR characteristic. It should have an edgeline coaxial technique of structure for maximum accuracy. Good quality of connectors for consistent repeatability.
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