Resistors Overview

Resistors Overview

A resistor is a two-terminal electrical or electronic component which resists electric current by lowering the voltage. Resistors are used as part of electrical networks and electronic circuits. There is two basic formation, Fixed resistors and Variable resistors.

Types of resistors

There are different types of resistors such as, Carbon film, Carbon composition, Metal oxide film, Precision metal film, Foil resistors, Filament resistors, Power film, Precision wire wound, High power wire wound, Photoresistors & Thirmistors, and Variable Resistors.

Application of resistors

There are several uses of resistors, they are used to drop voltage, limit current, attenuate signals, works as heaters and fuses, furnish electrical loads and divide voltages.

Manufacturing Countries

These are the biggest manufacturer of Resistors, China-Tangshan Xinfeng Screws Co. Ltd., Taiwan-Viking Tech Corp., U.S.-Test Equipment Connection Corp., India-National Sports.

Export Market

North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Mid East, Africa, Oceania is a very large export market.

Selling Proposition

It should have proper Cross Sectional Area, and proper color bands to indicate the specific resistance power.
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