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Electronic Security Devices

Electronic security devices are products used for our own safety and also security and protection of our valuables and surroundings, including our cars, houses, bank accounts, shops, businesses etc. With advancement in technology, new gadgets are being developed which help in enhancing security of our surroundings. The different types of electronic security devices are access control products, alarms, buzzers, CCTV, metal detectors, motion detectors, air teasers, stun guns, personal alarms, sirens etc. Electronic security devices must have an appropriate sensitivity level that will allow detection but is not triggered unnecessarily. Hence, it is always advisable to buy electronic security devices from established electronic security devices manufacturers & suppliers. Also, before selecting any electronic security device it is important to take into consideration the size of the area to cover and the number of devices that will be required.

Electronic security industry encompasses the hundreds of thousands of electronic security devices manufacturers & suppliers involved in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and installation of electronic security products. The market for the electronic security devices has been growing steadily at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 11.1% since 1996 and reached US$18.75 billion in 2006. Some major factors which have initiated a substantial growth in the electronic security industry have been increase in crime, terrorism and perceived threats. However, apart from these factors bearing negative dimensions, there are some positive reasons also such as economic growth and the continuous innovations in security technology.

Access Control Products

Access Control Products Access control products are highly technological advanced systems that assist in securing a place from the risks of theft, bomb and other weapons. Electronic Access Control products market is one of the fastest growing sector of the global security industry. USA is the largest electronic access control market in the world and it is estimated to account for US$2.2 billion by the end of 2007. Europe is the second largest market for these products followed by Asia-Pacific. According to an estimate by Global Industry Analysts Inc, the global market for electronic access control devices will reach US$6.1 billion by 2010. Some of the devices used for this purpose are;

» Access Control Readers | » Access Control Terminals | » Biometric Access Control Systems | » Door Security Devices | » Electronic Locks | » Intercom Systems | » Security Scanners 

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Alarms Alarms are devices that are used to make people alert about a problem or situation by making a loud noise. They are generally used for warning about a burglary, fire or forced intrusion. These alarm systems work through sensors fitted in them. The sensors detect motion through PIR (passive infrared) or opening of a door or window. After detecting motion the sensors trigger a signal and make loud noise. Technology wise the different types of alarms are: Wired Intruder Alarms, Wireless Intruder Alarms, Magnetic Alarms, Motion Detection Alarms, Loop Alarm and PIR Alarms.

» Burglar Alarms | » Fire Alarms | » Magnetic Alarms | » PIR Alarms | » Personal Alarms | » Track Alarms | » Wireless Intruder Alarms 

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Buzzers A buzzer is an electronic signaling device commonly used in cars, trucks, microwave ovens or game shows. Buzzers also work in the same manner as an alarm works. They are generally equipped with sensors or switches connected to a control unit.

The work of the control unit is to identify the button, which was pushed, or the lapse of the preset time. After identification it sounds a warning tone which is in the form of buzzing or beeping sound. Earlier electromechanical buzzers were used but nowadays ceramic-based piezoelectric buzzers have become more popular. The different types of buzzers are classified on the basis of their technology as electric buzzers, magnetic buzzers, piezoelectric buzzers and piezo buzzers. While buying a buzzer people always keep in mind the number of sensors present in the buzzer and how easily it can be installed.

» Electromagnetic Buzzers | » Piezo Buzzers 

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Cctv A CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a very effective security device that is used to transmit a signal to a limited set of monitors through a video camera. CCTV is most commonly used as a security device in various commercial and private establishments like retail shops, banks, and casinos. It is also used in various other sensitive areas like airports, military installations and government establishments. CCTV systems use sophisticated technologies like night vision, motion detectors and computer-assisted operation. The major brands producing CCTV are Bosch, Sony, GE, ADT security systems, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), Honeywell and Siemens. The global CCTV video surveillance market was worth US$5.7 billion in 2007 according to the latest report published by Global Industry Analysts, Incorporated.For operating a CCTV, a wide range of accessories required includes:

» Cctv Accessories | » Cctv Cameras | » Cctv Components | » Cctv Systems 

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Detection Systems

Detection Systems The detection systems are electronic devices that are used to protect any area by detecting a moving object in a particular field or to differentiate between weapons and other metallic objects.

These devices are generally used at the gateways or entrances of government buildings, parks, airports, railway stations, and other high security areas. They use a variety of sensors for detection like electronic sensors, passive infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors and microwave sensors. These detection systems are generally categorized on the basis of the sensing technology used in them like:

» Glass Break Detectors | » Light Curtains | » Metal Detectors | » Motion Detectors 

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Personal Security Products

Personal Security Products Personal security products are those equipments that are used for self-protection especially in situations when immediate help is not accessible. They work either by triggering an alarm or by giving electric shock to the attacker, which temporarily disables the person. These devices are generally available in very small sizes and are thus very easy to carry and sometimes extremely loud. The various types of personal security devices are categorized on the basis of their application like:

» Pepper Spray | » Stun Guns 

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Sirens Sirens are electronic devices that make loud sound to alert people about any danger like fire, tornado, air raids, military operations etc. Emergency vehicles like police, ambulance and fire trucks also use sirens. These sirens have circuits like oscillators, modulators and amplifiers to play a siren tone through external speakers. The most common siren tones are: Wail, Pierce, Yell, Priority and Phaser. Sirens are differentiated on the basis of their usage as:

» Air-horns | » Electronic Sirens | » Emergency Sirens | » Motor Sirens 

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Telephone Security Products

Telephone security devices are a type of personal security device. These are basically used to protect a user from his phone getting tapped and other types of security attacks. Also these are used to save a mobile phone from potential virus attacks and other cyber malfunctions. Mobile phone security products and Wired telephone security products are the two types of telephone security products. Further, these can be divided in categories like; Voice Changers, Phone Line Scrambler, Wire Tap Detection & Nullifiers, Phone Recording Devices etc.

» Telephone Transmitters 

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Vehicle Security Products

Vehicle Security Products The electronic devices used for ensuring the safety of vehicles are known as vehicle security devices. These devices are used for various purposes like locking the vehicle or locating the vehicles etc. These devices are generally automatic and remote control driven. These high tech devices are extremely helpful in preventing the vehicles and its other expensive parts from being stolen and they also help the police to locate the stolen vehicles easily. Usually sensors are installed in the vehicle, which are connected to a device on which the user can be immediately intimated about any intrusion with the vehicle. The various types of vehicle security products are:

» Central Locking Systems | » Flashers Warning Lights | » GPS Security Systems | » Immobilizer Systems | » Keyless Entry Systems | » Linear Actuators | » Remote Alarms | » Remote Locks 

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