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Electronic Services

Electronic services include all kinds of services provided in the electronics industry. These services are usually related to manufacturing, assembling, designing, repairing,supporting, testing and installation of the various electronic items like consumer electronic goods, computers, intercoms, power supplies, audio-video equipment, home surround systems and even high tech electronic equipments used in telecommunications, video communications,banking systems and information technology. These services also include molding, packaging, printing and certification of electronic items. India, China and USA are the leading computer and electronic service hubs. The worldwide market for electronics services grew at the rate of 17.6% and the revenue of electronic manufacturing services is expected to reach US$ 442 billion in the year 2011. According to the different areas in which services are provided they can be classified as electronic manufacturing services, electronic repair service, electronic support services, ITES services, electronic testing services, semiconductor services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services The electronic manufacturing services include many types of services that are provided while manufacturing and assembling various electronic components and devices. The most popular companies providing electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are SIIX Corp, Celestica, Flextronics, Foxcon, Elcoteq, Jabil Circuit, Plexus, Solectron and GPC Electronics. The electronic manufacturing services can be broadly classified on the basis of their applications as:

» Cable Manufacturing Services | » Cable Services | » Product Assembly Services 

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Electronic Repair Services

Electronic Repair Services Electronic repair services include services that offer repairing, overhauling, refurbishing and warranty of electronic equipments. Certain components of electronic devices develop wear and tear over a period of time and need repairing. These items are first tested and then repaired by the companies. Some companies provide repairing services on the site or field where the equipment has developed a fault, others provide these services at their own facilities. Sometimes maintenance and service contracts are provided by the companies to prevent any future problems occurring in the machine. Many companies also provide replacement and exchange services to their customers. Some of the electronic services provided are:

» AC Repair Services | » Battery Repair Services | » Computer Repair Services | » Fax Machines Repair Services | » Laptop Repair Services | » Mobile Phone Repair Services | » Monitor Repair Services | » Network Repair Services | » PCB Repair Services | » Power Supply Repair Services | » Printer Repair Services | » Scanner Repair Services | » TV Repair Services | » Telephone Repair Services | » Test Equipment Repair Services | » UPS Repair Services 

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Electronic Support Services

Electronic Support Services The electronic support services include many types of services ranging from designing, decorating, engraving and fabrication to printing, packaging and welding of a diverse range of electronic goods. The various types of electronic support services are:

» Cable TV Services | » Coating Services | » Decoration Services | » Design Services | » Die Making Services | » Electronic Technology Services | » Electroplating Services | » Engraving Services | » Fabrication Services | » Interactive TV Services | » Laser Cutting Services | » Lighting Services | » Molding Services | » Packaging Services | » Printing Services | » Security Services | » Welding Services 

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Electronic Testing Services

Electronic Testing Services Testing services are very important for all the electronic equipments as tests are performed on all the equipments after they are made to check whether these equipments are working properly or not. Advanced technologies are used to perform accurate testing. The testing of these equipments involves matching the electronic equipments with certain set standards. Testing services provide in-circuit, functional, environmental, agency compliance, and analytical laboratory testing. Certification services are also very important, as they provide standardization to the electronic goods. The other testing services provided are:

» Cable Testing Services | » Certification Services | » Circuit Testing Services | » EMC Testing Services | » Quality Assurance Services | » Safety Testing Services 

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Ites Services

Ites Services Information technology enabled services, or ITES can be defined as an outsourcing service that is capable of outsourcing those processes which can be enabled with the help of information technology. It has come into being because of the use of information technology in areas such as banking, telecommunications, administration, health care, manufacturing, finance and insurance. This service uses advanced technologies and is provided from e-enabled locations. This service is economical and maintains good service standards. The main function of IT enabled services is to enable business strategy of a firm and achieving an organization's business targets. The different types of IT enabled services are:

» Bpo Services | » Data Management Services | » Ites Support Services | » Software Services 

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Semiconductor Services

Semiconductor Services Semiconductor services include designing, testing, assembly, failure analysis, electrical and thermal characterization of semiconductor devices. . These services are offered to various industries such as in telecommunications industry, control systems industry, fiber optics industry, consumer electronics industry, medical, marine and aerospace industry. The two important types of semiconductor services are:

» Circuit Design Services | » Pcb Related Services 

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