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Ites Services

Ites Services Overview

Information Technology Enabled Sector which provides outsourcing service. It outsource those processes which can be enabled with information technology. It has come into existence because of the use of information technology in areas such as banking, telecommunications, administration, manufacturing, finance and insurance.

Principle of Work

This service enables business strategy. It helps in achieving and organization's business goals.This service is economical and maintains good service standards.

Types of ITES

These are the types of services provided by ITES: Medical Transcription, Document Processing, Data Entry and Processing, Data Warehousing, IT Help Desk Services, Application Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Telecommunication Services

Benefit of ITES

ITES supports the companies in network management, setting appropriate infrastructure, accelerate pace in different functions.

ITES Brands

These are ITES brands India Softima Services Private Limited, Apolo Realtors-India, Ites Spol, s.r.o-Czech Republic, and Calvani, Salvi & Veronelli Sri-Ital.

Future Trends

India's ITES companies are shifting focus to emerging economies where technology spending is growing twice as fast as in developed countries.
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