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Electrical & Electronic Industry Tenders

This section disseminates information about the latest tenders related to global electrical and electronic industry. Tenders covered in this section are floated by various private and public agencies from all over the world. You can access brief information about the electrical and electronic industry tenders like description, location, last date of bidding, and document type for more detailed information kindly click on the links. Tender information provided in this section also contains information about other industries such as telecommunications, computer, electrical component and electronic devices. For further information, may we request you to kindly click on the link of the country listed below.

Security Tenders
Industrial Robots - A Marvel Of Engineering

Invention of Robots has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of industrial manufacturing. In the earlier part of the century humans were engaged in jobs, which were very dangerous and involved serious health hazards, but in 1956, Unimation a company founded by George Devol and Joseph F. Engelberger invented the first robot. These ... is an online directory containing business information about worldwide manufacturers, suppliers and traders dealing in electrical and electronic components. All information contained in this website are protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights and may not be reproduced, republished, distributed, transmitted, displayed, exploited in any manner without the prior written permission of

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