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Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment Overview

Diagnostic equipment is critically important when it comes to detecting any anomaly or dis functionality in an entity. These equipments are precisely used to first detect and then measure level of abnormality in the product or an individual. Diagnostic equipments are used for medical purposes as well as for automotive such as buses, cars, motorcycles, mini buses, light trucks to name a few.


Diagnostic Equipments vary depending on the functions they are manufactured for. For Example Star 20 Diagnostic equipment is specifically manufactured automotive purposes, particularly for cars like Mercedes Benz followed by medical diagnostic equipments which includes scanners, laboratory equipments, optical instruments etc.

Manufacturing Countries

Leading manufacturing countries for diagnostic equipment includes China, Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Mexico.


Exporters for diagnostic equipments primarily consist of North and South America, Eastern Asia, Mid East, Africa, Oceania, Eastern and Western Europe.

Selling Proposition

High Voltage resistance, Internal resistance, gauge assemblies for high and low pressure ranges, many adapters to test a wide variety of domestic and import automatic transmissions and special fittings for connections to hard-to-reach test ports are some of its unique selling features.

Global Trends

Diagnostic equipments are now available in fully automated machines which have greatly reduced the amount of effort an individual had to put to manually operate them. Equipments now produced can now withstand power supply up to 220 V AC 50 Hz. Certain features which are now being incorporated are gas purity, high ranges of operating temperatures, high measuring range and a high capacity storage for gases.
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